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Interactive Utopia by Gilberto Cortez is your full-service web development, interactive media and online marketing solutions hub. Where an expert web guru based on America’s Finest City – San Diego, California will help you make your dream project a reality.

Don't contact me if you're scared of results

My sole mission is to maximize the return on my client’s investment by providing them with the solutions that their business needs. My services vary from Search Engine Optimization, to PPC & Internet Management, as well as Web & Mobile Development and many more. The only boundaries that exists are the ones you set yourself, at Interactive Utopia, there are no creative boundaries.


We make sure your customers find what they were looking for. That you are able to connect with them and create an engaging experience. From a small website to a e-commerce store, we design to increase the return on your investment.


Here in Interactive Utopia we have some of the greatest web development minds on the market that will assist you in completing any web or cloud development project that you have


Most customer to business transactions are now done online. It is an easier and more convenient way of doing things without the risks that person-to-person transactions have.

WDO Cloud

Are you currently getting the full potential out of your termite control company? Your Pest Control Application is the most important asset that a business can have because it's what keeps everything organized.


I will make sure that your clients can find you online, from in-page search engine optimization to social media campaigns or pay-per-click campaings. There is a right combination to success, and I will help you find it.

Hispanic Marketing

Reaching the Hispanic and Latino audience is not only about speaking Spanish. Their culture and family upbringing influence the purchasing and browsing habits of the majority of the Hispanic and Latino communities.

Social Media

In order to maximize your company, reach you have to have a great social media presence. This might include a multi-platform campaign, or it could require a constant video presence from your brand. This will depend highly on your industry and your goals, but whichever the case we are here to help you set you in the right path.


Are you looking for that catchy phrase, a content that can easily wow the readers, a content that can get anyone reading it interested from the beginning of the article to the end? Interactive Utopia is your best option. We respect our customers' wishes by giving them exactly what they need and meeting up with the deadline.