WDO Cloud

The Most Advanced Termite Control Application Available

Are you currently getting the full potential out of your termite control company? Your Pest Control Application is the most important asset that a business can have because it's what keeps everything organized. While other termite control software solutions are very effective for automating the process they are not very flexible in the locations or devices that you can work from. This software's require you as well to have different systems one for scheduling and one for the actual termite report management. Wouldn't it be great to have just one centralized termite control software solution for your WDO Control Business that you could access from anywhere?

WDO Cloud is a Termite Control Solution that is based online and that allows you to access your business from wherever there is internet access. You can work from your Desktop, Laptop, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and whatever else you might use to get online. The best part of all this is that your information will be saved in our Cloud Servers so you do not have to be copying your files from one pc to another. Because this system is based online your Termite Inspectors will be able to connect to your Cloud Termite Control Software and access all of the clients and appointments information updated to the very last second.

Another great advantage of the WDO Cloud is that it can be integrated with your website so that all of your customer can perform a large variety of tasks online. From scheduling their appointments 24/7, to downloading a copy of a past termite report or even paying their bill online. The WDO Cloud will give your business the power of allowing your customers to reach you even when you are not there to answer. This will give you a great competitive advantage against other Termite Control Companies that are using other local termite control software.

Here are some of the main features of the WDO Cloud:

Don't stay in the past and keep using your same old termite control application solution as you will fall behind. By using the WDO Cloud you will be able to stay on top of your business and on top of the technological advances as we are constantly updating our framework. Give us a call today at (619) 800 – 2678 or contact us via our online form and we will give you a demo of the WDO Cloud.

Here is a great example of a company using our WDO Cloud