My Professional Portfolio

Discover How I've Empowered Businesses Online

Below are some of the key projects I've had the pleasure of working on. Each project showcases my comprehensive approach to solving real-world business challenges through innovative digital solutions.

  • GC Termite Control

    For over 13 years, I've partnered with GC Termite Control, delivering a wide range of services:

    • Brand and web design
    • CRM and mobile app development
    • Custom reporting and inspection tools
    • Comprehensive digital marketing and SEO
    • Server infrastructure and VOIP systems
    • Payment solutions and Hispanic market targeting
  • GC Framing

    Over 6 years of continuous collaboration, providing services such as:

    • Brand development and web design
    • Mobile app and CRM solutions
    • Custom estimation and contract generation tools
    • SEO, PPC, and social media management
    • Server design and VOIP implementation
  • DPS Security Services

    A partnership exceeding 4 years, focusing on:

    • Website design and maintenance
    • Server security management
  • Heavy Moto

    More than 2 years of collaboration in:

    • E-commerce development
    • Product information management
    • Server security and maintenance
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  • YouTube Channel

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