Hispanic & Latino Internet Marketing and SEO

Market to your target audience with bilingual campaigns

Reaching the Hispanic and Latino audience is not only about speaking Spanish. Their culture and family upbringing influence the purchasing and browsing habits of the majority of the Hispanic and Latino communities. That is the reason why the marketing approach has to be different than the one used to target a general audience. With over 80% of the Hispanic and Latino second generations being bilingual or English-speaking, language has become a smaller barrier in successfully marketing their communities.

With over 10 years of experience assisting companies like you reach Hispanic and Latino audiences, Interactive Utopia will create a successful campaign and generate you a high return on your investment. It is common knowledge that the Hispanic and Latino communities have a high spending power in the United States and around the world. For this reason, now more than ever you have to learn to understand them and target them via a marketing strategy that is well thought out, appealing and effective while focusing on their culture, ideas, interest and preferences.

According to Nielsen Holdings Plc - a British information, data and measurement firm that operates in over 100 countries - in their demographics article “HISPANIC CONSUMERS CONTINUE TO DRIVE U.S. FMCG DOLLARS” found that the Hispanic community alone had a spending power of over $1.4 trillion dollars in 2016 and they estimated as well that it will reach $1.8 trillion dollars by 2021. This is an incredible opportunity for the vast majorities of businesses as it is barely started to be found by marketing professionals and business owners. Make a Hispanic and Latino Internet Marketing campaign a part of your overall business marketing strategy before it is too late.

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