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Lesson 3: On Page Optimization for SEO

This is the third part of a series of search engine optimization lessons. On this lesson I will be explaining you the methods to do the actual on page optimization. You will take what you have learned from past lessons and use it to create the proper tags for your pages. When Google analyses your […]

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Transfer a Large Database using MySQL Dump and a SHH Client

Have you needed to transfer a large database? One of an eCommerce Cart or of a big blog? phpMyAdmin only allow’s imports of databases of 2 mbs, if you fix the php.ini file you can get maybe 10 or 12 max on most servers. In order to move this you will need to do it […]

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My attempt to create the perfect Social Media Campaign

This is the first of a series of blog post that I will be writing about my attempt to create the perfect Social Media Campaign. I will try to evaluate all of the factors that need to be evaluated and integrated into this campaign in order to beξsuccessful. Here is some information about the company […]


Upload Files From a Form

Hello guys,ξ I decided to do a post on how to upload files from a simple HTML form into your server. First, you will need to set up this form with the proper headings, please see code below. <form enctype=”multipart/form-data” action=”uploads.php” method=”POST”> Choose a file to upload: <input name=”uploadedfile” type=”file” /><br /> <input type=”submit” value=”Upload […]


HTML5 Form Autocomplete Implementation

Technology is advancing very rapidly in the technology industry this last couple of years. A great and powerful new standard that was created and by which many of us developers are abiding already is HTML5. With this many opportunities came for us to be able to successfully create a user experience that is easily utilized […]

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Basic Content Management System

If you are a Web Developer like me, then you are always working from different locations, different machines, etc. You do not want to go and look for that client information every time to gain access via FTP to do a small change. There is where a good content management system comes in place. What […]

Server Maintenance

Shell or SSH Commands and Beginner 101 Course

Using Shell or SSH connection to interact with your Linux server could be the most powerful tool you can have. This is because when you connect via this interface you are actually working from inside your server and this gives you more power and control over whatever you are doing. To start off you need […]


New iFrame Malware Script

Hello guys, another one of the sites I manage has been infected and blocked by Google, here is the iFrame script that has the malicious virus in it just in case you guys have been attacked by the same person. <iframe src=??? width=183 height=129 style=???visibility: hidden???></iframe> Thank You, Gilberto Cortez


Simple JavaScript Image Gallery

Hello guys, I had to work on a website this weekend and I came up with an issue, I did not have any image JavaScript gallery that would just change the image and have a previous and next button. So I decided to create this. Here is a basic gallery, I have commented the script […]

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Using Loops to Check for Empty Fields

I???ve been noticing lately how many student are creating multiple functions or if statements to do something that is possible in just a couple of lines, in this post I will try to explain how to use Arrays and Loops to validate a form, checking that it does not have any empty fields. First you […]