Import CSV Files into a MySQL Database

Web Developer have to face a large amount of obstacles in their every day tasks in order to complete them. There are some thing that are easier to complete than other but a little bit of help can make a big difference when it comes down to finishing on time. Importing a CSV file into […]

Google +1 Button is Going International

The biggest search engine in the market Google has announced that they will be launching the +1 Button internationally. The Google +1 button is the company attempt to gain ground on Facebook Like button. However, because of the Google brand behind social meter it can assist brands to generate more trust in their sites when they have […]

A Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

Many people now a days are starting to talk more and more about inbound marketing when it comes to creating a business advertising campaign. Inbound Marketing methods are ways in which the clients come to you instead of you reaching out to them. This is very important in this times because people know that by […]

Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking

Here is the script that needs to be added to the receipt or confirmation page, after the user has completed the sale. You will just need to add php inside of the script so that the content can be created dynamically per customer. One tip is to use a PHP loop. Here is the code: […]

Creating custom 404 page

Everyone at some point has been browsing trough google or their favorite search engine and clicked on a link just to go into a white page with the words ???404 Error??? up on top. After this the only thing you have is to hit the ???Back??? button on your browser. As a user, this means […]

Basic AJAX connection using the POST method to retrieve content

Hello guys, I have been working on a project for school which used AJAX and I just wanted you guys to have this code for reference. This code basically makes a call to a PHP script which gets Zip Code information (city and state) and then adds them into your web page. I used a […]

Creating a Sample HTML5 Structure

  TML5 is the thing that developers are starting to take a look more and more. More and more browsers are getting compatible with it and with the iPhone choosing this as it???s main multimedia language I have no doubt that this will be demanded in great quantities. In this post I will explain how […]

Image Resizing with PHP

Hello guys, Today I will post a image resizing script, this will assist you in all of your sites specially ecommerce ones in which you need to display your products with different sizes. The script is self explanatory, but please send me a message or a comment if you need further assistance with it. //Image […]

Lesson 2: Pre-Production Process and Market and Keyword Analysis

This is the second part of a series of search engine optimization lessons. On this lesson I will start to explain you what I call the “Pre-Production” process of your campaign. At the start of each campaign one must do a market and keyword analysis research. Market Research is when one researches and evaluates the […]

Lesson 4: Internal and External Linking

This is the fourth part of a series of [kastooltip msg=”search engine optimization” tooltip=”The process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the natural search results”] lessons. On this lesson I will be explaining you the methods to do internal and external link campaigns. Linking is probably […]