Import CSV Files into a MySQL Database

Web Developer have to face a large amount of obstacles in their every day tasks in order to complete them. There are some thing that are easier to complete than other but a little bit of help can make a big difference when it comes down to finishing on time. Importing a CSV file into […]

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Transfer a Large Database using MySQL Dump and a SHH Client

Have you needed to transfer a large database? One of an eCommerce Cart or of a big blog? phpMyAdmin only allow’s imports of databases of 2 mbs, if you fix the php.ini file you can get maybe 10 or 12 max on most servers. In order to move this you will need to do it […]

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Basic Content Management System

If you are a Web Developer like me, then you are always working from different locations, different machines, etc. You do not want to go and look for that client information every time to gain access via FTP to do a small change. There is where a good content management system comes in place. What […]


MySQL Database Interaction PHP Class

There are many ways out there to connect to a database, but there is only a few of them that are effective. This is the MySQL object that I use to connect to a database via PHP. You will find this class to be simple but very effective as it’s not overfilled, but it only […]