Bot Filtering Setting in Google Analytics

A common problem when working with modern sites and tracking them is that there are certain bots and spiders that trigger false hits. Many users seem to be experiencing a similar issue with bots and trying to get and analyze only real traffic. In order to resolve this situation Google has added an option to your View Settings -> Report View Settings which allows you to exclude all hit from known bots. The check mark is located on the bottom area of the setting under the label “Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders”. After this option is selected all hits by IAB know bots and spiders will be excluded by the back end of the Google Analytics platform.

This will give you a real number of visitors on your site. Nestle is one of the companies that started testing it due to some issues they were having and the answer has been very positive. It’s team called it “essential to getting a deeper insight”. We will work with it and give you an update on how this new change allows us to provide you with a better service.

You can view the official post along with others from the Google Analytics+ Account


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